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New mosquito pesticide introduced

A new pesticide, known as Mousticide Biolarvicide, to effectively help control the spread of mosquitoes and curb malaria has been introduced onto the Ghanaian market.

Mousticide Biolarvicide is marketed in the country by Treds EnviTech Limited, an environmental technology, consultancy and management company based in Accra.

Rev. Robert Nelson Adayi, Chief Executive Officer, Treds EnviTech Limited, said the product comes in two formulations: the rice-husk formulation which uses the rice-husk as the carrier and floating device for the formulation, and the ‘wettable’ formulation, which is suitable for conventional ground or aerial application.

“After several years of fighting malaria, the mosquito vector continues to exist in larger populations. After 18 years of research, EntoGenex of USA has introduced Mousticide Biolarvicide which has the efficacy to destroy the mosquito larvae at all breeding grounds,” he said.

“During tests, surrounding bushes have been treated with our efficacious biolarvicide by sprinkling mosquito eggs and larvae which have been destroyed in less than one hour from the moment of application.

“Its efficacy lasts weeks and months when applied, and continues to destroy the larvae that emerge from any eggs laid,” he explained.

The product is a combination of Trypsin Modulating Oostatic Factor (TMOF) expressed in yeast, Pichia pastoris and Bacillus thuringiensis israliensis (Bti).

TMOF is a natural mosquito peptide hormone that stops protein digestion in mosquito larvae, causing metabolic starvation and larval death while Bti is a bacteria larvicide that attacks the larvae and kills them.

Treds EnviTech Limited has three branches in Accra, Tarkwa and Sunyani. It has four directors, a 10-member management team and 100 field staff.

It is committed to using the most efficient machinery to deliver the required service and as well present the best technology for maximum service delivery.


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