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Denguard Alliance provides consultation, treatment services and technology that reduce and control the mosquito population and therefore minimize the threat of mosquito-borne diseases. Proven with remarkable results, Denguard Alliance implements the same system that was used in Komuniti Bebas Denggi to reduce dengue cases in dengue hotspots.

By advocating an effective alternative to conventional methods, we reduce mosquito nuisance and the threat of mosquito-borne diseases. Through the use of sustainable and eco-friendly methods, we enhance health security and the living experience of the honourable citizens of Malaysia.

Our integrated approach that revolves around the REAP strategy is suitable to a wide variety of properties, such as condominiums, construction sites and hospitality venues.

Mission & Vision:

We reduce the threat of mosquito-borne diseases by reducing the mosquito population at the source using sustainable and non-toxic mosquito control solutions.

We activate individuals, communities, and organizations to join the fight against dengue through education and awareness.

We continuously innovate to provide the best available mosquito control. We accumulate knowledge and expertise through our partnerships with universities, governments and NGOs.


Health & Safety
Our system effectively reduces the mosquito population and thereby the related threats of mosquito-borne diseases. Our tools are non-toxic and eco-friendly. MOUSTICIDE kills mosquito larvae while being harmless to people and the environment.

MOUSTICIDE contains two natural active ingredints – the TMOF protein and Bti bacteria, which work together to enhance the larvicide effect 35-fold. This ensures that MOUSTICIDE is long-lasting and that mosquitoes won’t develop resistance.


Social Impact & Reputation Management

We facilitate stakeholder communication that creates social impact. By advocating sustainable and eco-friendly mosquito control we urge others to re-think conventional methods, i.e. chemical insecticides. By educating people on preventive measures, we activate them to take the responsibility of dengue prevention (partially) into their own hands. Awareness amongst stakeholders about our efforts to reduce the threat of dengue serves to impact their behaviour, and generate a positive reputation for your company.

Property Value
Dengue control has an impact on property value by acknowledging the relevance of health security. The risk of dengue infection is location-bound; favourable breeding circumstances facilitate the exponential growth of the mosquito populations which increases the probability of dengue transmittance in that particular area. Thus, a dengue hotspot is created. The increased risk of dengue infection on a specific property threatens health security which is intrinsic to the subjective value of a property.

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