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In 2015, The Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI) funded the development of a Mosquito Control System (MCS) to combat the world’s deadliest mosquito borne diseases. The goal was to develop a holistic dengue control tool box using Malaysian biotechnology and to subsequently implement this system to reduce the incidence of dengue in selected hotspot areas.

The project aimed to develop an internationally recognised Mosquito control system to be offered to other countries afflicted by mosquito borne disease.

Having developed superior and award-winning mosquito control solutions, EntoGenex Industries was commissioned to develop and test this system over a period of 12 months, in a community programme dubbed KOMUNITI BEBAS DENGGI (KBD). KBD was implemented in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor.

Komuniti Bebas Denggi has seen highly successful results in controlling dengue outbreaks in Malaysia and utilised EntoGenex’s holistic methodology known as REAP.

During this project, 100,000 Anti-Aedes Homekits  containing innovative dengue prevention technology were distributed to households as a means of empowering the public with sustainable and practical solutions.

Members of the community formed the Skuad Bebas Denggi (SBD) to organise anti-aedes activities. EntoGenex also partnered with the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, whereby students formed Area Monitoring Teams to provide training to the Skuad Bebas Denggi Members.

Larviciding activities using MOUSTICIDE RH were carried out by the SBDs, while MOUSTICIDE WP was applied by professional staff members.

To identify areas which required treatment, EntoGenex consulted local councils and District Health Departments for their advice.

13 out of the 30 hotspots were monitored, affecting more than 19,000 homes and 75,000 people.

As a result, by weighted average: KBD managed a 54.7 percent reduction in dengue morbidity (cases) over the 3-month implementation period, while by incidence rate: KBD recorded a 58 percent reduction in dengue morbidity. In localities in Johor, the reduction in dengue morbidity was as high as 71 percent.

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