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Eyeing India’s biotech industry

ENTOGENEX Industries Sdn Bhd (EntoGenex) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the state government of Andhra Pradesh in India, with a view to invest in the state in the areas of biotechnology and vector control, particularly technologies related to the control of disease-carrying mosquitoes.

The signing ceremony was done in conjunction with the Asean-India Business Leadership Conclave 2016, held in the Perdana Hall, Ministry of International Trade Tower on July 21.

The MoU was signed by EntoGenex director Marcus Francis while Minister for Labour and Employment Sri Atchannaidu Kinjarapu inked the paper on behalf of the government of Andhra Pradesh.

“India spends approximately US$3.05bil on malaria and dengue control, a significant amount of which is spent on vector control,” Francis said.

“We are looking forward to helping India, particularly the state of Andhra Pradesh, to control mosquito-borne diseases, through non-toxic innovations developed by EntoGenex,” he added.

“We are proud to have become one of the first Malaysian companies to introduce these toxic-free solutions to combat mosquitoes in India,” he said.

EntoGenex had previously embarked on the Komuniti Bebas Denggi programme (KBD) at home as a technology partner, and the result was a reduction of an average of 54.7% in dengue cases over a three-month implementation period.

This programme, supported by the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry, involved not only the use of technological innovations, but also methodological innovations to reduce breeding spots and educate the public on mosquitoes.

One important element was to get the community to participate in the prevention of dengue.

“We hope this MoU will open up more doors for our entry into the international market,” Francis said.

“Through this partnership, EntoGenex seeks to enhance the well-being of the people, not only in Andhra Pradesh and Malaysia, but all afflicted countries around the world.

“With the convergence of various diseases such as zika, dengue, yellow fever and other mosquito-borne diseases, this is the right time for us to highlight Malaysian solutions, for the benefit of the world,” he stressed.

EntoGenex prioritises green and sustainable solutions aimed at combating mosquito-transmitted diseases in Malaysia and worldwide.

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