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Trypsin Modulating Oostatic Factor (TMOF™) is a natural mosquito peptide hormone, expressed in yeast (TMOF_Yeast is EPA registered), that stops protein digestion in mosquito larvae, causing metabolic starvation and larval death.

MOUSTICIDE™ is Entogenex’s unique biolarvicide that combines TMOF™ and the entomopathogenic bacteria, Bacillus thuringiensisisraliensis (Bti) serotype H-14 to produce an innovative product designed for 100% non toxic and completely safe control of mosquitoes. When TMOF™ is combined with Bti, it yields a mutually synergistic effect raising its efficacy to over 35x higher than any other larvicide.

MOUSTICIDE™ is 100% biodegradable and also target specific so has minimal impact on the environment and ecosystem. Because MOUSTICIDE™ takes advantage of molecules found in the mosquito itself, there is virtually no chance of mosquitoes developing resistance.

These aforementioned attributes make MOUSTICIDE™ the most safe, effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable mosquito control solution in the market.

  • MOUSTICIDE™ comes in the form of Rice Husks (RH) or Wettable Powder (WP)

  • MOUSTICIDE™ RH floats on water surfaces (where larvae live and feed), releasing TMOF™ and Bti, which when eaten by mosquito larvae, stops digestion and creates holes in their gut respectively. As a result the larvae are eradicated. Mousticide RH continues to take effect in water for up to a month.

  • MOUSTICIDE™ WP works in the same way as RH mechanically, differing however in its delivery, requiring professional misting equipment for dispersal. MOUSTICIDE™  WP is primarily used for hard to access areas.

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